Non-Domestic Energy Performance Certificates (NDEPC)

All commercial premises in the UK whether leased, rented or sold outright, require a Commercial Energy Performance Certificate by law. Cubic Apple can supply a Non Domestic Energy Performance Certificate for any commercial property in the UK, offering a professional service at competitive rates. This includes:

  • Offices
  • Shops
  • Industrial units
  • Hotels
  • New build commercial units
  • Rental property
  • Public Institutions
  • Government buildings

The certificate records how energy efficient a building is and will provide an energy rating of the building from A to G, where A is very efficient and G is the least efficient. EPCs are produced using standard methods and assumptions about energy usage so that the energy efficiency of one building can easily be compared with another building of the same type. This allows prospective buyers, tenants, owners, occupiers and purchasers to see information on the energy efficiency and carbon emissions from their building so they can consider energy efficiency and fuel costs as part of their investment. Areas examined include:

  • Building type, size and age
  • Building construction and fabrics
  • Heating, ventilation and cooling systems
  • Hot water and lighting systems
  • Existing energy-saving devices

An EPC is always accompanied by a recommendation report that lists cost effective and other measures (such as low and zero carbon generating systems) to improve the energy rating. Each recommendation is assessed against the potential impact over three payback periods in addition to other measures based on an understanding of the building and indicates whether the impact is High, Medium or Low. * An EPC is required BEFORE a property is placed on the market

Cubic Apple offers these services at highly competitive rates with further reductions for multiple buildings.